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How to Turn Any Adversity
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If you want to turn your frustrations, challenges and disturbances into tremendous advantages, you have come
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Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Jim Anderson. I have recently published a book titled, How To Find a Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud. In it I reveal crucial self-help information that:

  • Unleashes a secret seven-word question that will turn any adversity into an advantage.

  • Reveals the TRUE cause of all the FEAR in your life...as well as how to eliminate it on demand.

  • LEAPFROGS you clear over your limiting beliefs no matter how paralyzing they are… no matter how long they’ve been weighing you down…and even if you don’t know they exist.

  • Introduces the transformative power of introspective questions.

  • Will help you rise above ANY stressful situation.

  • Gives you power over your frustrations and fears.

  • Puts YOU in control of your career, relationships, and even the health of your body.

  • Reveals the TRUE cause of all the FRUSTRATIONS in your life…as well as how to remove them for good.

  • Gives you meaning and purpose in life even if you’ve “achieved it all” yet still feel empty inside.

In the summer of 2010, I will be releasing a course titled, Mastering the Art of Finding a Silver Lining In Every Dark Cloud. This course shows you three secrets that will eliminate disturbance in your life and unleash your creative genius to create the life of your dreams. Stay tuned...


Jim M Anderson
Samurai of Self-Development

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