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Jim M Anderson Bio

Jim Anderson is the founder of Key Connections Inc. and Fit To Lead.  After fifteen years of experience leading and engaging teams in navigating tremendous change, he decided to venture out and create his own business. 

Starting Key-Connections in 1992 allowed him to focus attention on creating, applying and improving tools that support senior leaders in becoming more self-aware, improving leadership effectiveness, building mutually beneficial relationships and achieving and sustaining results. 

In 2009 Jim started Fit To Lead, an information publishing company dedicated to support the realization of a life long dream.  That dream is to take the world-class self-development tools he has created and vigorously road tested for their effectiveness, and make them available to thousands of people around the world.  This web-based business provides a perfect platform to publish this content in self-directed books, CDs, e-courses and circles of practice membership programs, which will allow the impact of this information to serve a much wider audience.

Jim has had the privilege to serve as an executive coach for CEOs and other senior leaders in companies that include Boeing, Exempla Health Care, Federated Media, Good Samaritan Hospital, Hamilton Farm Bureau, Lutheran Hospital, Molson-Coors Brewing Company, Root Learning, Inc., Sabreliner Corporation and Saint Joseph Hospital.

He has also had the opportunity to consult with organizations including Bank of Montreal, Bell Atlantic, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New York, Boeing, Exempla Healthcare, Hon Manufacturing Company, Mercedes Benz, Molson-Coors Brewing Company, Pepsi-Cola, Savage and Associates Financial Services, Solutia, Taco Bell, Textron, US Health Corporation, and Vital Barbershop and Wachovia Bank.

Other notes of interest about Jim M Anderson include:

  • Born and raised in Northwest, Ohio.
  • Served as captain of the Ohio State Wrestling Team.
  • Graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Economics
  • Married his lifelong partner and best friend Kristan.
  • Blessed with the stewardship of five precious children (young adults).
  • Worked for 15 years in a family business gaining tremendous leadership and business experience.
  • Started Key Connections in 1992.
  • Started Fit To Lead in 2009.
  • Loves serving individuals and organizations interested in becoming more conscious, creative, and effective human beings and leaders.

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