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Oh, how it saddens my heart to feel the necessity of including a disclaimer. I am saddened  because such a large part of our society continues to forfeit their sense of personal responsibility to everyone but the one person that counts, himself or herself!  Whenever something challenging happens, many in our society seem quick to blame, crying victim, pleading for someone else to accept responsibility and bail them out of their challenging situations.

I am for personal responsibility.  I am for personal excellence.  I am for stretching beyond the bounds of what was previously thought to be humanly impossible.  I believe in human greatness.  I believe that taking personal risk and responsibility is essential to sustainable growth and uncommon results.  AND I believe in you! 

But for those who don’t share these views, for those who choose to place responsibility for their lives on someone else’s shoulders, I offer the following disclaimer:

Anyone who chooses to buy my Fit To Lead products and apply the ideas and information presented within these products does so at their own risk.  I encourage you to seek and gain permission from a licensed professional and anyone else you feel inclined to consult.  If you choose to implement any of these suggestions without permission from your legally licensed physician, or other professional, You and ONLY YOU, are responsible for the results! The publisher and author of this work present this information for educational purposes only.  No attempt is made to diagnose or prescribe, only to inform.

I wish you the very best as you commit yourself to the process of getting Fit To Lead!


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