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How To Find a Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud Endorsements

"Powerfully written with straight-to-the-heart lessons. Jim Anderson takes any and all dark clouds and transforms them into blessings you learn from, grow from and use as fuel to make life better than you ever thought possible."
        Matt Furey, author of The Unbeatable Man

"As you turn these pages, you and Jim will explore the difficulties of the human drama. You'll be encouraged to ask soul-searching questions that staircase up to the only question you'll ever really need to ask yourself - the Secret Seven-Word Question. Answer this one and poof! You're free!"
          Peter Ragnar, Author of How Long Do You Choose To Live

“As a longtime fan of Jim’s approach to life, I was thrilled to read his beautiful philosophy in How to Find a Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud.  If you’ve been seeking a practical way to find good things in your life no matter what, this is your answer.  It’s like having an uplifting, motivating conversation with a good friend…in fact, that’s exactly what it is.”
          Veronica Hughes, Professional Editor and Author of The Pinball Path to God: A Spiritual Autobiography

“Do You Want Inspired Living? Do You Want An Astonishing Fun New Way To Create Peace and Happiness In Your Life?  Read How To Find A Silver Lining In Every Dark Cloud By Jim M. Anderson. It changed my life and will change yours too!  Jim’s book is The Key: The Missing Secret To The Life You Want Now!!!”
          Ken Hazlin - www.EyeExerciseSecrets.com

“I truly appreciate the clarity and insight you share in the book and everyday in your life.  Your wisdom and open heart, combined with your joyful outlook, present a force for good that I find truly amazing.”
          Lisa Ariel Morrison - Corpus Christy, TX

“What can I say about Jim Anderson?  This divine gift giver of awareness has assisted me in so many ways.  I could probably write a book myself about things I am doing differently.  I am meditating.  I search for my center in daily activities and physical endeavors.  I clean bathrooms.  I have compassion for the ping-pong champion who trashed my ski condo.  I ask myself the secret 7-word question multiple times per week.  Acquaintances approach me for advice, I can only assume because of the energy emanating from my core.  I have regained a child’s mind.  I sleep well over the weekend when my job is at risk.  I’m planning my dreams… and fulfilling them.  These are just a few experiences for which I am grateful to Jim. “ 
          Brad Ludford, CFO, Exempla St. Joseph Hospital

“As Jim moves through his personal challenges he'll keep you on the edge of your seat. The shear simplicity of his concluding message may make you laugh and cry as you come to realize the immense value of adversity.”
            Tony Balistreri, Executive Vice-President Roaring Lion Publishing

“How to Find a Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud may on the surface appear to be a Pollyanna view that everything always happens for a good reason.  The typical view of a silver lining that someone else is controlling our destiny, this book is about just the opposite.  We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives.  We are not victims.  We cannot blame God, our parents or even our ethnic background.  The seven-word question, when taken seriously, is life changing because it leads us to greater self-awareness and personal accountability. 

This book will introduce you to the concept of locus of control, clarity cycle, the power of attraction and positive affirmation… but it is only the beginning of a journey to self-awareness, a journey to personal freedom and, in the end, a journey to success in business and happiness as an individual.  I know.  I have been on this journey with Jim Anderson for several years, and I know that playful, persistent, patient practice in applying the seven-word question has significantly changed my life for the better.”
          Pat Finneran, President & CEO, Sabreliner Corporation

"There are special people who come into your life at the right time to assist you with challenges you face and Jim has been that person since day one. I have known Jim and have been applying the principles taught in How to Find a Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud since 1998. I can say without a shadow of a doubt this book will impact your life in a major way, if you open up to Jim's unique discoveries recorded in it.

In How to Find a Silver Lining in Every Dark Cloud, Jim delivers honest, heart wrenching, life changing and pivotal life experiences - one right after the other - that have molded him into the truly amazing person he is today.  I have heard these stories at least a dozen times and the power of each message never loses its zeal or its profound impact.  There is no one else who welcomes a problem into his life with as much grace and ease as Jim does.  He treats every challenge as a blessing in disguise.  Jim is the real deal because he walks his walk and talks it too. His mission is to touch the lives of a million people and he lives this every day.  I'm a witness to his approach and this book will touch a million people plus and change the landscape of self-development.

"I've been applying the Secret Seven-Word Question Jim reveals in his book for over eleven years and each time I use it I grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The best part about this question is its simplicity.  The question is not complex yet it’s the most profound seven words when faced with a challenge or feeling someone has wronged you.   By applying the principles taught in this book, I have less stress, I have more peace of mind, my hair doesn't turn grey over the small stuff, I experience life’s subtleties with more fervor, I accept every problem as a lesson to learn from and have permanently shredded my "victim card."  Each time I read this book, I receive a new nugget of wisdom to apply in my life to achieve higher levels of awareness and satisfaction.

Grab this book like it reveals the only true secret to a fulfilling, happy life and you will be amazed at how on target this last statement is.”
        Vince Palko, Author of Tackling Life's Problems and 2-Time Hall of Fame Linebacker

“The ability to connect the significant challenges in our lives with our most fundamental strength: that is what Jim Anderson has discovered.  In a world where we are asked to react to more and more complex events at an ever-quickening pace, the tendency is for us to seek help from afar.  Jim introduces a method-- no, a way of living – that places all of this within one’s control.  The simplicity of the concept is the attractant; the degree of difficulty is up to each one of us.”
        Sheldon Stadnyk MD, CMO – Northern Colorado Medical Center, Greeley, CO


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